Tax Planning

Practicing Attorney:

The basic goal of any tax plan is to minimize taxes. But the plan and its execution must comply with the law. It is important to know the consequences of what you do before you do it. After-the-fact tax planning is really not a plan at all.

Tax Preparation

Chris Wright handles tax return preparation for individuals, businesses, and nonprofit entities. As both an attorney and an accountant, Mr. Wright brings a unique skill set to every engagement.

In addition, Mr. Wright will review return positions proposed by other tax professionals, and, where appropriate, render opinions to clients who want to minimize their exposure to accuracy-related penalties.

Tax Controversy

An IRS examination or audit can disrupt your business operations and your life. If not handled properly and controlled, it can materially affect your relationships with third parties.

Tax Services

In addition to estate planning and other law services, we also offer tax preparation services for:

  • Individual
  • Non Profits
  • Businesses